New Home Foundations with Helical Piers


New Home Construction Foundation support – Helical Piers or Helical Anchors placed under new construction footings is the newest and most exciting advancement to hit the residential construction industry. Helical Piers have been used in many commercial construction applications for foundation repair for years and now helical piers are being installed under new homes in large numbers. They are replacing the use of spread footings and shallow poured concrete piers. Helical piers are deep foundation anchors being recommended by engineers all across North America.

Helical piers or anchors are installed below unstable soils so that the home is anchored in stable soils or resting on bedrock. The installation of new construction helical piers can be done in all weather conditions, with onsite verifiable capacity readouts, and will be installed quickly. This keeps your project on time and within budget. Newly constructed homes built on unstable soil and compacted fill will see movement and settlement. Having a home built on a helical pier system will minimize and in most cases prevent signs of structural damage. This eliminates future settlement problems and extends the life of the home, providing peace of mind for years to come.

With the building industry becoming more competitive, builders need to find faster and better methods of construction. Colorado Structural Systems provides builders with a product that will do just that. Builders are often provided with engineering drawings that do not provide enough detail or have foundation solutions that have failed on poor soil development lots.

The first step, prior to constructing the foundation should be a soils report of the site. This report could be the best investment for your project, and in most municipalities it is mandatory to have an engineered letter on site prior to concrete being poured. If the soils test indicates poor soil stability, helical piers are your best solution for solid foundation support.

The engineered soils report will indicate the minimum depth the piers need to achieve to provide solid bearing support.  In addition the piers also need to reach a specific resistance torque and Colorado Structural Systems engineering partners will design the correct configuration for your structure. The helical piers are installed at specific intervals between void forms, then a cap is installed and tied into the rebar grid work where loads may be applied immediately. Pouring and curing of the concrete will tie the two together allowing the foundation to transfer  the load of the structure to the helical piers.

Helical piers have become the deep foundation system of choice for architects, builders, contractors, engineers and geotechnical firms.

Many applications include:

  • Pole bases/Lighting (25ft)
  • Communication towers
  • Utility/Pipeline tie downs
  • Tiebacks/Wall anchors
  • Foundation repair
  • New Construction/Underpinning
  • Boardwalks/Docks
  • Billboards
  • Seawalls
  • Slope stabilization
  • Guy anchors
  • Retaining walls
  • Tilt up walls
  • Decks/Sunrooms
New Foundation Helical Pier Install

New Foundation Helical Pier Install

Piers Installed

New Home on Helicals