Colorado Structural Systems Team

Helical Pier Installation and Foundation Repair

Colorado Structural Systems Team can support your needs, from helical pier and high capacity helical pile installation to many foundation applications.

Colorado Structural Systems was founded by Brian and Kimberly Goodman, a dynamic husband and wife Team who have been in the construction world for many years.  Brian owned several of his own companies before entering the construction field.  They began doing construction 22 years ago and also own Kimber Construction.

Having dealt with the new construction phase while building homes gave them the desire to discover a new way of supporting foundations in Southern Colorado. They came up with the concept while trying to improve the movement issues from building with caissons.   Caissons were developed as one solution to building homes on active soils.  Once hearing about helical piers, Brian decided to research them as an alternative approach to avoid soil settling issues.

When you build a home, you need a strong and sturdy foundation in Colorado. Since the soil and landslides are not unique to Colorado, Brian spoke with Hubbell Power Systems, Inc to see if there might be a way to build stronger foundations.

In 2013 he became CHANCE® certified and learned how to design and install the helical piers. Since then, he started building his homes on helical piers and is pleased with the result.  His Team of professionals has expanded and can service the surrounding areas of Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock and Denver.

Helical pile foundation systems offers a technically superior and cost effective way to other remedial systems.  More detail is covered on our Home and Services pages.

The concept is founded on the principle of turning a helical (screw) pier/pile into the ground until the helical hits stable subsoil and the torque applied indicates that the necessary load capacity has been achieved.

This system eliminates the need for over digging, removal of material, new material use for compaction, and a factor to support the foundation wall.

Brian and Kim Goodman - Owners

Brian and Kim Goodman – Owners